Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Arosa

Both of these sports are great alternatives to downhill skiing and offer a different kind of energy exerting experience in the alpine environment.


Experience the wintery snow-covered nature in Arosa with snowshoes and enjoy a slow, steady and peaceful meander across the Arosa ski region. Snowshoeing used to be the means of transport for farmers and hunters decades ago. Today, snowshoes are a modern sports equipment for winter hikers and snowboarders.


We are happy to organise interesting and beautiful snowshoe hikes around Arosa for companies, families and groups in general.


You can also discover the winter wonderland of Arosa with cross-country skis on the resort’s diverse tracks. Be it challenging or easy, there are tracks through forests, along lakes or on plateaus. Whether it’s discovered on your own or with an instructor, we guarantee that everyone will find a favourite route