Resort Babysitting

If you require babysitting services during your holiday, we can arrange it for you. We recommend informing us about your needs as early as possible, especially during peak travel periods when demand is high. Our babysitting rates are 20 CHF per hour in Switzerland, except on New Year’s Eve when they are 25 CHF per hour. If the babysitting service ends after 9:30 pm, the cost of a taxi will be added to the rate. In case the babysitter is shared between two families, the charge will be time and a half, and the children must be cared for in a single room. The babysitter will be paid directly in cash on the same evening. If you need to cancel the service, please inform us 24 hours before the scheduled time; otherwise, there will be a charge equivalent to 1 hour. For safety reasons, we do not recommend leaving children unattended in hotel rooms at any time. We will confirm your babysitting arrangements once you arrive at the resort.