Your Children’s Programmes

We look forward to welcoming your children into our exclusive programmes this summer. We will ensure they have a safe and enjoyable holiday with our Powder Byrne resort team.


Our dedicated childcare teams will create age appropriate programmes each week using the facilities of the resort and the local area.


The programmes will operate from 10.00am – 4.30pm 6 days a week. Lunch will be supervised by our team, though the cost of the meal should be paid for locally.  For children aged 4 years and above there will be two evening activities a week. We will also run a supervised supper 6 days a week for children aged 4 – 7 years.


The final programme details will be confirmed on arrival in resort. We will provide any equipment needed. Our Client Concierge team will contact you pre-travel if there are any specific items we suggest the children may wish to bring with them for their holiday.



If you would like to see details of example activities prior to your arrival please contact our Client Concierge team via your message board.