Powder Byrne Travel and Safety Advice

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable holiday and our properties and programmes are continually audited to ensure they adhere to necessary health & safety standards. Please remember that when you are in a foreign country you should exercise more care than you do at home. Part of the enjoyment of travelling abroad is experiencing a different way of life and culture, however this may also mean experiencing different safety and hygiene standards than those found in the UK.

At Powder Byrne we are continually working with our suppliers to ensure strict safety standards and we will do our best to ensure that your holiday is safe and trouble free. We do ask that you take that little bit of extra care whilst you are away and would like to bring to your attention the following points.

Powder Byrne Covid-19 Update:

The health and safety of our clients is our top priority. 

Please ensure you follow all safety advice from the government of your country of residence and your destination country regarding Covid regulations. Please speak with Client Concierge team if you need help with the latest guidelines from your destination country.

Swimming Pool Safety:

  • Familiarise yourself with the pool and its layout, including deep and shallow ends.
  • Make note of the depth markings (not all pools have clear markings) and any hazards.
  • Most pools overseas do not have lifeguards, so please take care.
  • Not all pools have life saving equipment.
  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • Do not swim if suffering from an upset stomach.
  • Observe pool rules and information signs at all times.
  • Do not swim at night, even if the pool is lit.
  • Do not swim immediately after a meal or when drinking alcohol.
  • Pool surrounds can be slippery; don’t run around them.
  • Please be aware that not all pools have “No Diving” signs, and some pools may have sudden depth changes.
  • Never jump or dive from raised pool features.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • It is compulsory for all children to wear armbands if they cannot confidently swim 25m. Armbands must be supplied by the parents.
  • In the event of an emergency ensure you know how to raise help.
  • Always read spa signs or check with hotel staff if no information is present, prior to use for appropriate information on age restrictions, use when pregnant and advice if suffering from medical conditions.

Cycling safety: 

If you or any of your party choose to participate in cycling activities during your holiday the availability of protective headgear can vary from destination to destination and therefore we cannot guarantee that headgear will be provided or will be to the same standard as those available in the UK.  You are welcome to bring your own headgear should you prefer.  NB For all children participating in cycling as part of our PB programmes helmets will be provided by our local supplier which meet the standard of EU safety regulations. 

Horse Riding Safety: 

If you or any of your party choose to participate in horse riding activities during your holiday the availability of protective headgear can vary from destination to destination and therefore we cannot guarantee that headgear will be provided or will be to the same standard as those available in the UK. You are welcome to bring your own headgear should you prefer. 

Watercraft Safety:

If you or any of your party choose to participate in water craft activities please use the buoyancy aids and/or personal flotation devices when partaking in any waterborne activity. Safety helmets should also be worn when partaking in white water rafting. 

Fire Safety:

  • Ensure you know where your nearest fire exit is.
  • Check the location of the nearest fire extinguisher.
  • Study the fire instructions in your room.
  • Identify how to raise the alarm if a fire occurs.
  • Do not smoke in bed.
  • If a fire occurs, leave immediately; do not stop to collect your effects.
  • Proceed to an assembly point well away from the building.
  • Do not collect any personal belongings and do not use the lift.

Balcony Safety:

  • Never lean over, sit or climb on the balcony.
  • Children should never be left on the balcony unsupervised.
  • Do not climb or stand on balcony furniture.
  • Keep all balcony furniture away from the wall/ railings.
  • Please note some balcony balustrades are lower than the recommended height required in the UK.

Lift Safety:

  • Children should never use the lift unaccompanied.
  • Some lifts in Europe do not have any internal sides, so children could risk scraping their fingers on the shaft walls when the lift is moving. Children should be kept towards the middle of lifts such as these.
  • No smoking in the lift.

General Resort Safety:

  • Be careful on footpaths and steps when walking around the resort especially with children  as not all have railings
  • Children should be escorted at all times and take extra care when crossing roads.

Glass Safety:

  • Glass doors and windows may not be toughened glass.
  • Take care in bright sunlight, it may not be obvious doors/windows are closed.
  • Check to see if anti-collision stickers are in place at adult & child height.

Food Safety:

  •  In order to avoid the possibility of stomach upsets; make sure your food has been thoroughly cooked.
  • Hot food should be hot, cold food should be cold.
  • Avoid any uncooked food, except fruit and vegetables, (notably those you can peel or shell yourself).
  • Always drink bottled water, ensure the seal is intact.
  • Where appropriate, avoid ice in drinks.

Cots & Highchair Safety:

  • Safety requirements may differ overseas.
  • Ensure cots and highchairs are sturdy and safe for use.

Personal Safety:

  • Avoid walking in poorly lit areas when outside the hotel grounds.
  • Be aware, stay away from situations where you do not feel comfortable.
  • Avoid carrying too much money and/or valuables.
  • Ensure your room is left secure when you go out.
  • Place all valuables in a safety deposit box, where available (use of these are often a condition of your insurance policy).
  • Never leave windows or balcony doors open.
  • Please ensure that children do not play with fixtures, fittings and electrical appliances in hotels. 

In addition to the information provided we recommend that you visit the government’s official FCDO Travel Advice website at https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice which helps British Travellers make informed decisions about travelling abroad.

We strongly advise that you obtain a UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). This card lets you get state healthcare in Europe at a reduced cost or sometimes for free. Full details of this scheme and how to apply can be found here – https://www.gov.uk/global-health-insurance-card

If you already have a UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) it will be valid until the expiry date on the card. Once it expires, you’ll need to apply for a GHIC to replace it.

Other Important Travel and Resort information: 

Lost / Damaged Luggage

In the event we are contacted concerning your luggage at any time, we will inform you and endeavour to assist in its return. If your luggage is damaged or fails to arrive at either your destination or home airport, please inform the relevant airline handling office at the airport and complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR).  Failure to complete this form may result in your insurance company not reimbursing you if your luggage is “declared lost” by the airline. 

Enhanced Security Checks on Electronic Devices

Customers may be asked to turn on any electrical or battery powered devices such as telephones, tablets, e-books and laptops in front of security teams and/or demonstrate the item’s functionality.  If, when asked to do so, you are unable to demonstrate that the device has power, the device will not be allowed to travel on your planned service.

Please do all you can to ensure that items you bring with you are fully powered before you arrive at the airport.  Please do not bring any broken devices in your hand luggage to the airport as they will not be able to travel.

If you are flying as a transfer customer, especially those on long journeys, please make sure that you do not deplete power in the devices on the first part of your journey.  There will be very limited charging points at airports.

Customers are still able to use their electronic devices on board subject to the normal operating rules.

Car Seats

Airport transfers – We always provide seat belts, baby seats, child seats and booster cushions in our minibuses for airport transfers. 

Local transportation – For trips around resort and the local area children of 3 years and under are always provided with the appropriate baby or child seat. Due to logistical reasons we are unable to provide booster seats for children of 4 years and over, although adult seat belts will always be provided and our staff will ensure that the children wear them at all times. If you require your child to

have a booster seat for local journeys then please bring the appropriate seat with you.

Childcare Teams and Safety Policies

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of the children in our care, and for this reason all Powder Byrne children’s programme staff are DBS checked or equivalent, in addition to our normal recruitment referencing procedure. Occasionally we recruit local staff to assist our teams in resort, including babysitters, from whom it is not possible to obtain a DBS check.

In the interests of safety, and for the benefit of all the children in our programmes we reserve the right to ask a child to leave the programme if they are disruptive or refuse to follow the directions of our programme managers or instructors.

Medicine Forms

If your child suffers from any allergies or requires any form of medication please inform our staff at the time of registration. For safety reasons Powder Byrne does not hold any medication in our facilities and parents are asked to provide all necessary medication required; this can be administered by our staff upon completion of a medicine form.

Baby listening devices

In the interest of safety Powder Byrne does not recommend children be left unattended in hotel rooms at any time.  Baby listening devices may be available; however they should not be relied on for your child’s safety.

Medical Emergencies in Resort

Please contact a member of the Powder Byrne Resort staff as soon as possible, who will be able to assist with your emergency.  Local contact numbers for Powder Byrne staff will be given to you on your final itinerary.  Should there not be Powder Byrne staff in your chosen resort during your stay, your hotel reception will be able to provide details of emergency services and their contact numbers.